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  1. An 11-year-old who was not a victim noticed the men and said they were giving her “the creeps,” FOX40 reported. that`s a good kid right there,she trusted her instincts and was right,she should be commended for that and for speaking up about it. and to solve the problem of the organized group of traveling child molesters,does the pool have a deep end?
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  2. Diamond Reynolds teared up during her sentencing hearing for misdemeanor-level assault Wednesday, saying afterward that she felt the conditions placed on her for a crime she maintains she didn’t commit were unfair. Ramsey County District Judge Elena Ostby told the 28-year-old mother that she was going beyond the recommendations of probation for the fifth-degree assault charge a jury convicted Reynolds of following a trial in March. In addition to being placed on one year of supervised probation, Ostby ordered Reynolds to take an anger management class, undergo a chemical health and diagnostic assessment and complete 80 hours of community service. “I am concerned about the fact that you haven’t really taken responsibility for your actions,” Ostby told her during the hearing. “Obviously, the jury spoke.” Despite finding her guilty of fifth-degree assault, jurors acquitted Reynolds of the two more serious charges facing her in the case, which involved allegations she attacked another woman with a hammer last February. Reynolds came into the public eye in July of 2016 after her boyfriend, Philando Castile, was fatally shot during a traffic stop in Falcon Heights by a St. Anthony police officer. Officer Jeronimo Yanez was subsequently charged with manslaughter but acquitted by a jury last summer. Reynolds and two other women — Dyamond Richardson and Chnika Blair — were charged with assault last winter for allegedly attacking a woman that had been feuding with a friend of Reynolds in an unrelated incident that broke out outside a townhome on Jessamine Avenue the morning of Feb. 28, 2017. Reynolds maintained that she had nothing to do with the altercation and that she was mistakenly identified as one of the attackers. Both Richardson and Blair testified during Reynolds’ trial that she had been involved in the altercation. They pleaded guilty to third-degree assault for their roles and were sentenced months ago. Reynolds declined to make a statement during her sentencing Wednesday, as did the victim in the case. Her attorneys, Karlowba Adams Powell and Michael Padden, asked the judge during the proceeding to allow Reynolds to be placed on administrative probation, rather than supervised, so that Reynolds could check in directly with the court rather than meet in person with a probation officer. Reynolds wants to move to Atlanta to pursue various business interests, including work on a documentary and book about her life, as well as a nonprofit venture she’s recently launched called Black Love Twin Cities LLC. The nonprofit aims to provide education and assistance to people, Reynolds said. Administrative probation would make it easier for Reynolds to move to Atlanta sooner, Adams Powell argued. Ostby was unswayed, saying it was in both Reynolds and the community’s “best interest” that she be placed on supervised probation. She added later that Reynolds could transfer the supervised probation to another state if she was so inclined. Ostby also gave Reynolds the opportunity to waive the $1,000 fine imposed for her conduct if she completes her GED. “I know you want to better yourself and I want to give you the tools to do that,” Ostby told her. “You never got your high school degree, so let’s start there.” “Yes ma’am,” Reynolds replied tearfully. Afterward, she explained her emotional response. “I just feel like it isn’t fair that my life is being constantly stripped of my rights,” she said. She added that she’s hopeful the book and documentary will serve as her chance to let people know the real her, as well as what she’s gone through. “That’s the main thing,” she said. “I feel like I’m misunderstood.” https://www.twincities.com/2018/05/30/diamond-reynolds-tears-up-during-sentencing-for-role-in-assault/
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  3. We had the funeral today. I was going to go back to work this afternoon. I was just too wiped out. The two Sailors who did the flag presentation to his widow were very crisp and professional. The funeral meal was good. Found out another cousin may have had his cancer return. So the cycle continues. Just got up from my nap. This world ain't the end of the line. We just have to carry on till we get there.
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  4. hit a nice 97* today and the dog and i lounged on the grass for awhile. we did not sit in the shade,i have no idea that temp. now the thunder is rumbling through
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