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Went to the VFW today.


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So for Veterans Day last year my son wrote an essay in school.  My son ended up winning first place for his grade in the school.  That means his essay got sent up to district.

A week ago I got a call asking us to bring him up to the district VFW hall for another awards ceremony.  I was also told there would be a Taco bar, so of course I was going.

Turns out my son also won 1st place in his grade at district as well.


Washington appears to be the only state that's VFW does the writing competition every year at the elementary level, for national level they only do middle and high school.


Just thought I'd share.  I'm proud of him because not a single person helped him write his essay.


On a side note, he never brought his essay home, and never read it out loud, so I have yet to actually know what he wrote.


For local he won $25, and for state he got $100.  Not bad for writing an essay in the 3rd grade.

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3 minutes ago, ASH said:

cool,     my dad and grandpa always called the VFW the beer garden lol

Up in this area the VFW doesn't have that same type of background as it does some other places.  

My grandfather was in charge in the local VFW back before I was born, so it's good to see his picture on the wall every time I visit.

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