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Ilhan Omar Endorsed Somalia’s New President. Four Days Later, Omar’s Brother-in-Law Had a Powerful Job in His Administration


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"Rep.  Ilhan Omar (D-MN) became the first Somali-American legislator in United States’ history when Minnesota’s House District 60B elected her on November 8, 2016.  The distinction won Omar immediate fame and influence in Somalia, which was entering the final stretch of a critical presidential election of its own.

According to prominent federal security clearance defense attorney Sean Bigley (read below), Omar's documented actions in the weeks that followed would almost certainly prevent any applicant with such a background from obtaining or keeping a U.S. security clearance.

Ilhan Omar is now a U.S. congresswoman, however.  Elected federal officials are exempted from the arduous security clearance process; they hold de facto clearances once sworn in to office.  Further, Omar will likely be privy to a significant amount of classified national security information this term.  Speaker Nancy Pelosi has granted Omar's request for a seat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee."



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These "immigrants"...select a state, and actually set up support groups on how to "game" the system here in 'merica.  Foodstamps, wellfare, anything thats "free".  They get more of their kind to move to a certain area...it takes awhile but, soon,  they become close to a majority...and elect pieces of **** like this.  If we don't change our immigration laws, and start seriously throwing these immigrants OUT, our country is F*****.  And...It's what the demoCRAPS want!!  God Damn...Every Fu**ing one of them! 

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