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WTF Is Wrong With People


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More info




" A St. Louis police officer was charged with involuntary manslaughter for allegedly shooting a fellow officer during a game of Russian Roulette in his apartment. "

I don't think you could really call what they did Russian Roulette; more like " someone is going to die in six tries "



"Hendren and his partner were working a late shift Wednesday and attended a roll call at their station before heading over to Hendren’s apartment in the city’s Carondelet neighborhood — just two miles away from where the on-duty officers were supposed to be patrolling, a police source told the St. Louis Dispatch. "


Goofing off when they should have been working?  St. Louis needs to get their stuff together.





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15 hours ago, Silentpoet said:




yep  BULLSHIT ALL THE WAY AROUND ,   off duty and at dudes apartment , she was married,  im thinking  a 2 for 1 sale and one got returned  before the receipt  expired      pissing one or the other off.....  

play stupid game  and you know the rest.  shame to . 





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