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I spent Sun-Tue at a local ICU. I had an accident and ended up with a 6mm subdural hemorrhage. Prognosis is good, but I was required to self disclose to the FAA, which I did today. Grounded. Even if this is a smooth process, which I don't expect it to be, I'm going to be out for awhile. :(

I'm getting FMLA paperwork going. I'm glad I have short and long term disability.

I would like to thank everyone from Fire, EMS and the staff at both Hospitals. Who all treated me most kindly. :hearts:

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I feel for you. I do not fly for a living but I am now on a med that there is no way the FAA will approve.  I'm relegating to flying with a friend and no more by myself.  Man I miss being alone in the clouds...

I hope all goes well and you heal and can pass your med soon..

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