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If it was the only one, I'd be tempted to say it was one bad piece of brass.

I've never seen brass fail there that didn't fail at the head.

The High Road had an ownership problem in 2008-- and some of the worst problems are still there. Art Eatman, a couple others. Incorrect information that has been passed down.

I like the Handloader's site because most of their information is accurate, and some sites (Enos comes to mind) are just flat out of touch with reality. I don't load to hit targets a mile and a half out or to recreate an ammunition factory after the apocalypse. 

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P.S. Another reasonable board is handloads.com.

Some boards favor competition, some precision, some hunting. I look at different boards depending on my question, and I prefer science (or at least verifiable citations) over "that's the way it's always been/I was taught/I've always done it".

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