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Tom Brady GOAT


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I'm not a huge fan of NE but Brady is easily the best of the best. Only a fool would think otherwise, seriously. I just don't understand all the hate people have for the team and him in general. Facts are facts, even if he has beat the **** out of your "team" every time. How many times has he come back and smoked the opponent with only a minute or two left compared to the other greats.  :dunno:

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The only 2 guys I can think of that are even in the same stadium as TB is Joe Montana and John Elway. I say that based upon their ability to take a losing status game to a win based upon plays they made or put another player in a position to make a big play with a scramble and throw. Montana and the Bill Walsh think and dink offense befuddled defenses for quite a few years and he greatly benefited from it. Elway was just that good when he had to be and almost always was.

Today, TB GOAT. I say this as someone who will no longer intentionally watch an NFL game as long as Goddell is the Commish.

Hard to avoid NFL talk living in Pittsburgh market if you watch the local sports talk show. They currently have a 3 ring circus going on with the team. The star running back Leveon Bell sat out the season and gave up a $14M large season paycheck because they tagged him as a franchise player. The star wide receiver Antonio Brown sat out the final game of the season and has spoke to no one (reportedly) in the front office about his future with the team. Has not said he wants traded, reportedly has talked to the 49ers, has bought himself a diamond encrusted gold ring that spells out the word GOAT.  So he has anointed himself THE goat. The head coach, he has no control of his players like Belichick does in NE.

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7 hours ago, holyjohnson said:

i was a Pats fan when they sucked so bad even their home games were`nt shown on local T.V.


Me too....  I suffered through the Grogan years as a kid (I don't remember the Plunkett years I was too young), Cavanough, Zolak and the guy who was going to save the team... Drew Bledsow

I was a fan even for the 1-15 year where Rod Rust coached the team to their worst record ever

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