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Trump is daring to clean up the establishment's biggest messes – and they hate him for it


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Good writeup.

"Some of the loudest voices on the left and the "Never Trump" right who scream abuse at President Trump literally helped create the mess he's now trying to clean up. Immigration is a perfect example.

On issue after issue, yes, Trump is barging in. Yes, he is throwing out the old playbook. It's called change, and unlike Obama, who talked endlessly about change, President Trump is actually delivering it.

Look, I'm not expecting the establishment to suddenly open their arms to Donald Trump. But considering their own role in creating the long-term challenges that this president is now addressing, could they just show a little humility before embarking on their next Trump-hating rant?"


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he painted himself into a corner. They are watching him squirm, going on tv “please come negotiate with me”

they see it as weak and they will call any proposal insufficient, lacking compassion, inadequate, etc

they dont care about the money, money means nothing to them.

they don’t care about immigrants, they are going to vote for them anyway


they want power.



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