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Bad Luck-Or Stupid You decide


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With very few exceptions that video was filled with a whole lot of bad decisions, though some of them made by birds and out of human's control.  

For all the ones involving humans, I'd say almost every one could have been prevented, so "Stupid" is my vote.


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I  have to admit to showing my kids how to stupid stuff on occasion.  My son in particular was so fastidious about doing things right, that I took him aside to show him how to do things wrong once in a while.  I told him that once in a while you simply have to do something stupid just for the fun of it, it helps keep you sane.

So, one day I got him to help me chase gophers in the yard.  We found a fresh mound alongside the garage along with a few in my and the neighbors yard.  He helped me get my spray gun that I used to paint cars, and a gallon of Lacquer Thinner.  I loaded up a quart of Thinner into the gun, set the pressure at 50 psi (yep, high!) and with a short piece of 3 inch aluminum tubing and rags, we got the gun sealed to the tubing and the tubing into the gopher tunnel.

I atomized that whole quart of Thinner into the tunnel under pressure, and then had him step away while I flipped a match into the tunnel.  You could hear the roar of the flame front ripping down the tunnel, and then the large "bang" and a small chunk of sod popped up in the next door neighbor's yard.

My son was dumbstruck, and my wife was laughing so hard she could hardly speak.  She hollered at me, "you thought you blew up the garage didn't you!!!!".  I have to admit that for a second I wasn't sure!

Anyway, I asked my son if it had been fun? And he excitedly agreed, that it was.  I pointed out to him that this had nothing to do with actually getting rid of a gopher, but was just an excuse to do something stupid and fun.  I said that if we really wanted to get rid of the gopher, we would have to be a little smarter in our methods. 

The remarkable thing was that the gopher wasn't a problem anymore, but I simply reconciled that in my mind, by confessing that the Gopher was probably smarter than us and left on it's own for better pastures.

If you are always worrying about making a mistake, you will miss out on many of life's simpler pleasures.  Be stupid just once in a while and live life!

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I occasionally binge watch dash cam videos on youboob, I feel bad for some of the people that were in the wrong place at the wrong time to get caught in an accident that was someone else's making, but almost every single video there is a definite fault that someone is doing to cause it.  Lots of bad decisions, lots of failing to pay attention, and a huge amount of driving too fast for conditions (especially in winter) 

On the other hand, it's kind of hard to avoid a moose running full steam out of the trees across the road right in front of you at night, but it's just a risk you take driving those roads.

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