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Goo Goo Questions


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Bun candy bars. There is a beer distributor near me that sells all the old school candy if it is still manufactured. They are like Goo Goo clusters but have a smooth creamy inside, flavored choices vanilla, maple, caramel. So it is a chocolate shell on the outside with peanuts and the creamy filling of choice. They also sell Clark and Zagnut bars too. 

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20 hours ago, Huaco Kid said:

I hate that the delicious classic candy and stuff that everyone remembers just isn't the same these days.

Even Twinkies aren't creamy decadence anymore.  They are chemical-tasting bread.

Girl Scout cookies?  Fuggedabahtit.

I remember the glorious Sponge Cake's like the Banana Flip and the Real Twinkies, used to leave so much Palm Oil on your hands after eating one (or more).  In High School my lunch many times was a pop and a Banana Flip.

Now it seems like the Sugar, and taste are gone.

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1 hour ago, Hannie Caulder said:

Goo Goos are delish.  My fave are the pecan ones in the gold wrapper, but the peanut ones are good too.

Fortunately I cant get them here.

Look on line, I'll bet you can find them and have a case shipped to you.

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