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Impeachment Will Backfire


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38 minutes ago, Paul53 said:

Wow. How did we get to this point?

We voted for the wrong candidate.

It all went down this road as soon as America refused to endorse the Chosen One and elected Donald J trump.

All their illegal spying, and their illegal conspiring with Russia, and their rigging the Democrat Primary and all their voter fraud failed them and now they are going to fix where they failed and remove a duly elected President any way they can. 

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From the article:

"...This is Trump's game.  To paraphrase Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez quoting Watchmen, "Trump is not locked up in here with them.  They're locked up in here with him."..."

This is important.  The perspective of the players are always from a liberal press.  This statement emphasizes their lack of understanding of what's really happening.  It's always important to know what you don't know.

Liberals try to convince us that conservatives will not compromise with them.  What they are really saying is "do it our way or else".  They view every issue only from their myopic perspective.


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19 hours ago, Moshe said:

You can't impeach someone for being an idiot or you don't like him.  Otherwise Obama wouldn't have made it through his first term.

Impeachment in not a criminal Proceeding, it is a Political Process.

All that is needed for an Impeachment is votes, votes by politicians, no judge, no jury, just politicians voting for or against other politicians.

The only reason the Democrats need to Impeach is one in their own minds.  Whatever they determine is a High Crime or Misdemeanor will be a High Crime or Misdemeanor.  They are just waiting for that reason to be somewhat acceptable to the Independent voters in America.  The Democrats will agree with impeachment no matter what the reason, Two Scoops of Ice Cream or feeding a Championship football team McDonalds is reason enough.  It is the Independents that they must convince that their actions are just and reasonable.  

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