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Latest DOJ report defies popular wisdom about gun control

Borg warner

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There really is no such thing as gun "Control" it's all just gun prohibition in incremental steps. Gun laws don't prevent criminals from obtaining guns. And yet people are convinced that more gun laws are necessary by a constant barrage of propaganda.

A January 2019 Department of Justice report shows fewer than three percent of prisoners who used guns in crime acquired those guns at retail stores or at a gun show.

The report, titled, “Source and Use of Firearms Involved in Crimes: Survey of Prison Inmates, 2016,” presents information ascertained via face-to-face interviews with some of the nearly 300,000 prisoners who used a gun in commission of a crime.

It shows that roughly “1.3 percent of prisoners obtained a gun from a retail source and used it during their offense.” Only 0.8 percent of prisoners acquired their guns at a gun show.


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People are funny (funny=odd).  They will accept anything that they want to hear, and reject anything that is based on math and/or facts.  Nothing can change their minds because that would mean they were wrong, and many people cannot deal with being wrong.  They take it as having failed.

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Don't get me wrong, I agree it is about "confiscation" and power over the people, but...

...What happened to the Gun Grabbers during the Obama Administration.

The Gun Grabbing Democrats had the Majority in  the House and a super majority (almost) in the Senate during the Obama Regime.

Why did the Gun Grabbing Democrats fail to pass or even attempt to pass,  their number (2) campaign promise, "Gun Control"?

They had it all and yet they did very little, Why?  If Gun Confiscation is top on their list, why, when they had the power, did they do nothing?

Now that they  have absolutely NO power to pass Gun Control legislation, why have the Gun Grabbing Democrats come out of the woodwork and are demanding "Common Sense Gun Legislation"?  Why the push now and not when they actually had the power to do so?


Politics, pure plain and simple.

They (on the federal level)  have a difficult choice to make, actually pass legislation, or make sure it never gets passed so they will have  never ending Hot Potato style campaign fodder.  If they win on Gun Control legislation, they lose on the campaign trail, as the Gun Control issue would have been solved and shelved.

So what to they do?...

...They talk the talk, convince the morons that are the Democrat voters that they are working to save the Children and it is those Evil Republicans that refuse to pass legislation that will keep your babies safe.  And at the same time work with Democrats at the Local and State levels to destroy the Second Amendment.    They get to keep their Campaign Fodder and they get the States to Destroy the Constitution at the same time.  



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3 hours ago, Moshe said:

I wonder who they will murder this time to make their point?

Well, let’s start a list.

who or what would give them the most traction?

Schools are always a good choice as are churches. Both are easy target-gun free zones.

Politicians playing baseball has already been done, so that’s out.

It’s gunna have to be something new and something that covers more than uncontrolled firearms, something that includes racism, white privilege, white nationalism, white supremacy, mental health, veteran PTSD and President Trump.

No clue, but I’m sure they have it figured out. We will know soon enough.

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22 hours ago, Glocks4Freedom said:

Yep. It's about confiscation.


I don't agree that it's about confiscation.  It's about slowly chipping away at our rights until we have nothing left. In California it's illegal to carry a gun with Hi-cap mags and it's illegal to buy any gun not approved by the state. I can't even go into all the restrictions that ****hole of a state has on firearms ownership but they are to numerous to mention.

Other states are almost as bad if not worse, and it's getting worse all the time because of Liberal Democrats being elected to office on a local and state level by people who buy into the blatant lies that gun control will stop criminals from committing crimes and will save the children. Even if no federal gun laws are ever passed the Leftist gun prohibitionists are gaining ground and we the people are losing ground state by state.

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