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Humanely getting my dog high


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Okay, so I'm going on a flight in the near future with my little 11 pound "she-pooh"(shih tzus- mini poodle mix). Essentially an 11 pound ball of fur.

After researching several airlines, she is considered a carry on accessory, if she remains in a carrier the whole time.

I've heard of anti-anxiety pills for dogs to keep them, um, "calm". I should probably call my vet.

Anybody who recently flew:

Just seeing what my loyal TBS think tank has to say...

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I've had to use both of the aforementioned drugs (on my dogs).  One effect was the dog "**** in his nest" as pops used to say.  The other caused the dog to drool uncontrollably.  That dog is dead, and his charts tossed, so I don't know which was which.

Do a test run.

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Also, do a little research before you just give the pooch any meds.  Many drugs can be prescribed and work the same way on multiple species, but many do not.

Many of these drugs are processed in the liver, for example, and processing methods, chemistry, and enzymes process different compounds in different ways.

Aspirin is a good example.  We can handle several a day, and we process it quickly, but one standard tablet will last all day for a dog.  

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