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While the People Who Do the Real Work Don't Get Paid, Guess how much he Politicos Get Paid?


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2 minutes ago, Moshe said:



A regular let them eat Clemson Burgers from the French Revolution theme of "Let them eat cake."

Yes and Marie Antionette lost her head over this.  Maybe we should get a Guillotine?:78:

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It would not have been approved by the Continental Congress with out the Bill Of Rights.  These  10 Amendments dictate the rights of Americans over their government. The Founding Fathers were escaping the oppressive British Royalty. We do not in anyway  detest their efforts to have created the most profound nation in History. 

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15 hours ago, limeylad said:

Article I, Section 6 of the U.S. Constitution allows the lawmakers to still get paid their salaries, despite the federal government being shut down due to their inability to reach an agreement.

Why do you hate the Constitution?

Yup.  When the foxes watch the hen house, that is what you get.  Let them eat Clemson burgers!

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