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So the new Samsung QLED tv is up and running


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It has been sitting in the box for about 2 weeks or so while I contemplated how long it would take me to mount the wall bracket. Only had one hitch that cost me about 2 hours of time. The bolts that came with the mounting arms were either too short or too long. Off to HD, fail, they don't really carry much in mm 1.25 pitch bolts. So off to one of the last real hardware stores in the county, got what I needed, stopped and had some drunch, came home and finished the job. Figured out how to get sound from my existing sound system thru the tv.

The picture and depth of picture is just outstanding, even ota is really clear. Sound is also improved with the new cable connection from tv to receiver. I could have gone with the 65", but it might have been complete overkill for the size of the room. But wow, the clarity!

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Nice. I'm due up for a new tv sometime in the next year. Last time I was in Best Buy, I couldn't believe the improvements in picture quality. It almost seems like you could walk right INTO the scene on the television these days.

Congrats on getting the new toy set up!

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