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Murdered soldier's wife among two arrested in killing


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Police in southern Michigan have arrested two suspects in the New Year’s Eve murder of a U.S. Army soldier on leave — including the dead man's wife, according to reports.

The St. Joseph Township Police Department said Saturday that the suspects were arrested in 23-year-old Army Sgt. Tyrone Hassel III’s killing after authorities received a tip.

Wood TV reported that 22-year-old Kemia Nekenah Hassel was arrested Saturday on murder charges involving a family member and a gun, according to jail records. The identity of the second person was not immediately available.

Police said no additional information will be released until the two suspects are arraigned.

Berrien County Prosecutor Mike Sepic will release more information Monday.

Hassel was shot Dec. 31 while visiting his family for the holidays. He died at a hospital from multiple gunshot wounds.

Hassel’s obituary said he enlisted in the Army in 2015, and recently was promoted to sergeant.



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Our right to bear arms is so wonderful, and it gets abused again and again by the same useless shits, placing stains on law abiding gun owners as well as firearms. They don't appreciate the freedom we have, and actively help to destroy it, by ever increasing calls for more gun regulation, affecting mainly good guys and not them.

I think that premeditated and / or violent crimes involving firearms should come with mandatory minimum sentences / no parole. Minor issues should be an instant 10 years. A second felony involving a weapon should be an instant life without the possibility of parole.

Those new laws should be taught in school, so none of these tools can claim that they didn't know any better, considering that the parents didn't do their job to begin with.

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