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Idiot Armed Robbers Pay for Trying to Rob a Gun Store


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I believe that to a "low life" thug, the gun represents an ultimate threat in and of itself.  The presence of the gun is what the thug believes is his authority. 

The use of the gun to shoot the victim, to a criminal is a secondary process.  I really don't believe that most thugs with guns actually expect to use them to shoot someone.   When dealing with their own kind, the mere presence of the gun is sufficient to get compliance by their peers and many citizens unfamiliar with firearms.

I also believe that to someone familiar with a gun and with the will to use it to defend themselves, the first function of the gun is to shoot someone in your defense of your life.  

The disparity between the thug with a gun and the legal citizen with a gun, is that the thug doesn't expect to have to shoot someone.  While the legal citizen carrying a gun expects that he will have to shoot someone. 

So the difference is mindset is one of hey look at me I have a threat in my hand.  To the gun carrying legal citizen the mindset is that I am going to shoot you to save myself.

To me, this means that in most instances, the targeted victim has only one goal and outcome in his thought process.  While the thug is thinking that when I have compliance, I will get my reward.  And, I may have to shoot someone.

The armed victim has only one course of action and the thug is primarily concerned about reaction.  I believe that in most threatening events, the victim has the advantage of action.  The thug has the disadvantage of reaction.

If you carry a firearm, you MUST be ready and willing to shoot someone.  If you don't know and affirm that before hand,  you have lost the fight before it even started.  

You won't always win in the end, but you can do a hell of a lot of damage before it's over!  Cheers!  :drink:

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