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Fact Checking Is A Joke


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It’s nothing more than propaganda to influence opinion.

"Politico dug into whether or not Chuck Schumer ever voted for a border wall. The answer is an obvious “yes,” but that truth upsets the narrative that walls don’t work and are a waste of money. Rather than admit it or simply ignore it, that fact had to be attacked because it makes him look like a hypocrite. So Politico declared it “misleading.”

The Politico fact check justified this by writing, “Misleading. Schumer and nearly two dozen other Democrats voted for the 2006 Secure Fence Act, which authorized the construction of roughly 700 miles of fence along the southwest border. But Schumer never voted for anything close to the scale of Trump's $5.7 billion wall.”"


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Trumps 5 billion will only build about 220 miles of wall. And tats if the entire 5 billion went to the wall construction.

the dems voted for security for the optics and get the stink of Fast and Furious off them....then never funded any of it in appropriations.





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