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CMMG .45 Suppressed-Thoughts?


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I just recently bought a CZ SCORPION EVO 3 S1 9mm Pistol 7.72'' , threaded barrel, something I never though I would own but looking forward to a bit of fun with it.  Just finished replacing original trigger spring an trigger give it a better feel.  Got a red dot that I have not put on it yet.  Being a lefty I like the idea of it being completely ambidextrous.  Picture is just a stock photo but same as mine.


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23 hours ago, G21H30 said:

I have the CMMG MKG 45 Guard pistol with the 8" barrel . I run a AAC TiRant 45 suppressor on it and it is very quiet, accurate, and reliable. I liked it so much I bought a CMMG MKGS Banshee 9mm. While not inexpensive,I have a good friend who has a FFL so I was able to get them for dealer cost. 





I like SBR's that can take Glock mags.  So, if you carry a G-19, or G-21 it gives you the versatility of using the same magazines.

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