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deputy shoots chihuahua


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.  https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/an-‘aggressive’-chihuahua-was-barking-at-a-sheriff’s-deputy-the-officer-opened-fire/ar-BBRWGiN

i had to read it 3 times . what a p***y  .  id like about 5 minutes .  scared of a chihuahua   ,really  roflmao  .  wrong job prick . and  it goes for anyone who shoots a chihuahua  for being scared  and having to shoot lol . 


things  never shock me anymore   but a chihuahua ?  what is someone scared off  biting your shoe or breaking the skin and causing a infection ?

we have 4  chihuahuas ,  if they ever bit someone  it would barely leave a mark  , wearing pants  no mark   .i can just picture a person being scared  of a hua    roflmao


oh wait this one is pretty scuury  lol     



images (2).jpg

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That is interesting considering the history of the 9MM Parabellum. The original loading were chambered in officers sidearms. The Euro-Officers carried sabers and pistol as a statement of authority. American's carried Colt 1911 pistols to put down horses of mounted Calvary. It seems the 2 pistols to this day are very separated in their usefulness. 

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