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NCAA title game, wtf?


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11 hours ago, ARP said:

Trying to watch it, had to turn off the volume. For some reason I have this MEGACAST cluster ef on called field pass? 4 analysts going at the same time with a split screen. Just awful.

You were on what used to be called the "Coach's Film Room" before they farked it up with the MNF crew.

If the Coach's Film Room doesn't have Steve Addazio, I'm not watching.  Sorry.

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I tried every espn channel available on my psvue subscription. The regular espn channel went to an sec channel that was not showing anything but offered to get you the mega channel by clicking on the icon which gave you the megamess.

From what I saw, Clemson qb was lights ayt good.

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yep  their QB  19 year old freshman ,  with nerves of steel ,  i remember when i was 19  , imagine the pressure  for a title game ,  that dude is the true ice man,  and will only get better,  

i saw today on tv people said bama  just had a bad game  lol,  no  they were out played , out coached  and beat like a rented mule,  anytime saban gets whopped  makes me grin ,  he is a hack , a  one legged monkey could coach his team because of the recruits he gets.   the clemson  defense coach  devised a plan that just made bama  look high school.   

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