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Why marriage is a lot like halibut fishing


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Fun read.

"I think about how much marriage is like halibut fishing. There’s an occasional shooter – a wedding, a baby, a first home, a graduation or amazing vacation – but mostly it’s a lot of lift and settle, enjoying the more ordinary rhythm and tides of life. It’s the way my wife looks in her flannel pajamas at six in the morning. The way we can sit at dinner without having to talk and how much I want to call her every time I’m alone in the car. It’s emptying her post-mastectomy drains.  It’s how good we have become at forgiving each other and the way I look at her after 33 years with a deep sense of satisfaction and say, “We’re old and married.” "


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Rough seas. Brother and his buddy are barfing over the rail. I went to join them when I hear the buddy say to my brother, "Weak stomach, Huh?" Brother responds, "Weak stomach my ass. I'm getting it out there further than you." It was so funny I went back to fishing and never did puke on that trip.

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