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I've never actually bought a new one, however I know several that have and they generally agree to start online. It seems the person that handles internet sales at most dealerships is the one that will BS you a lot less. Send an email to several different dealers stating what you want, ask what they have and try to get their best out the door price, if you're trading something in or not etc.

The more urban setting you live in the more choice you'll have. I've also heard quite often to don't be afraid to stand up and walk away. That seems to get some salespeople to try a lot harder. Good luck and let us know how things go.

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2 hours ago, Jammersix said:

What is The best way to buy a new truck?

A 2019 Chevy halfton.

How would you avoid a) getting ripped off and b) spending all ******* day sitting in a dealer's office talking to one stress monger after another?

I just went through this. Go to the chevy website, build one you want. Then go to TrueCar and sign up. You’ll get emails from several in your area. If you trade, know what they will give you and if you will be OK with it. (I got hosed, but my wife insisted). Tell them what you will give, cash and/or trade. Tell them what you will pay out the door. Let them figure it out.

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I look at offers on hard to sell vehicles of the same model that have been on the lot too long. If the dealership is offering $9k off of msrp on the plain white Silverado, I offer $9k less on the one I want and wait for them to call. I'm probably still getting hosed but I've felt good about it.

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vehile buying is not bad , some just freak out ,    

1   you are getting fleeced on way or another ,  nobody has ever got over on a dealership , so chew and swallow that part

2  do your home work crunch numbers ,  remember something is only worth what someone will pay

3  have a number you will go to but not cross  , dont be in a hurry unless  you want to  , which most times is a mistake 

4  until you sign  on line you still have control 

5  just have have  a number you will go to and wait .  it hurts less 


when me and wife bought our 2014  sorrento brand new , easiest buy ever . walked in told the guy what i wanted, what i would do and not do 

if you agree and dealership agrees  gimme a call ,  i never sit down  and went thru that bs . i said i want 4 c instead of 6  because 4 c  has timing chain    , 6  has interference motor  timing belt . he said damn you did do your home work , my other peeve is **** added when vehicle hits the lot .  delete scotchguard ,  all that bs   and gimme call if want some money.    2 days later  we were driving home in new ride .  \

which has 42,000 flawless miles  and lifetime tranny  and engine warranty.  all dealers offer different warranties  , i wanted the full powertrain.  my youngest daughter bought new camry last year 3 /36  and had in shop like 4 times. i told her all dealers offer different incentives . but nooo do not listen to daddy lol .

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