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Couple of pics of the new truck.


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Got it home last night. Still can't get over how clean it is overall. Took a few pics when I picked it up. In direct sunlight it almost looks grey but at sunset the blue started coming out. Tires are brand new but I still need to swap them for some with a bit more aggressive tread. Too early to tell if I'm keeping the existing tonnou cover. It's more optioned than I thought and there were no issues on the 80 mile trip home. It still has a year of the factory warranty so it should be good to go. 


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Very nice... enjoy!

Nothing beats a crew cab pick-up for all around versatility. If I had to give examples of American exceptionalism to a foreign visitor, I would offer our 2nd Amendment rights and pick-up trucks. Let the rest of the world shake their heads ?

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4 hours ago, ASH said:

if you like the bumper , saw a commercial where the the gmc's chevy's   the tail gate pops out and folds down and folds down again making a step  so you can step into bed lol . very cool

They copied Ford, who came out with it in 2008...

See the source image


Chevy did it in 2017...



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yeah  i knew that  , but the gmc  one  has improved it and looks better ,  you got a wide step length of bumper   not just a compressed pedal ,  the ford one looks cheaply made  


im a ford truck man  own more fords, but the gate is 100 times better


i know one thing  i want a truck thats a truck ,  a truck over 20,000 dollars is insane and up to 80,000  is retarded.  i could go to bank  and write a check for any on them , but my common sense

keeps me from doing it ,  i do like the retro chevys and when they go down in price and get some years on them i will pic one up with the least option s  i can get

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