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Nerf Wars lawsuit


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So a bunch of kids playing the game "assassins" after school lets out, and somehow the school is responsible.

The admin of the high school I went to DID warn some of the students that they shouldn't be playing the game and that it could affect their life later on, not to mention because they did it in people's back yards, there was the possibility of getting shot for trespassing. 

One of the kids decided that the school was unfairly targeting him, so wrote a big long complaint, sent it to the school and a bunch of other people.  Then he switched schools because he wanted to make the point stick.  


Basically, students and parents will try to find blame with someone else no matter what happens, they don't want to accept that they are responsible for their own actions.  



What the article doesn't say is he was only one of a number of people that were talked to about the game. He decided to pull the race card (he is Asian) which considering how many Asian students are at that school nothing ever came of the complaint as far as I know.

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If anyone besides the kids in the car were at fault, it was their parents for NOT PARENTING.  The school has nothing to do with what the brats do outside of school hours.  Sheesh.  He's just looking for deep pockets to fund the rest of his worthless life.

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