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Murder Mountain


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Started watching this last night.  It's very interesting.  But the only person I have any sympathy for is the missing man's father.  He seems like a decent man that lost a son.

The rest of the dopes up there are a bunch of leftist losers.  Interesting how legalization is ruining the industry due to all of the taxes and regulations and depressed prices for dope.

Like they said in the show earlier; there is nothing special about the soil or growing conditions in that region.  It was just because of the location that it was easier to hide from authorities.

My guess is that higher quality dope will come from areas with better soil and growing conditions and be cheaper due to less regulation and taxes.  

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3 minutes ago, Moshe said:

I finished Netflix "Red Road" mostly because I am a fan of Jason Moamoa's work.  He has always played the badass.  His real life wife plays the attorney on show.

Tried to get into that one, but the acting was so bad and the plot was ridiculous.  Couldn't do it.

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