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Minneapolis Police Officers Not Charged In Shooting Death Of Travis Jordan


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yeah,because it was a wholly justified shooting.


You have to wonder, was there something else they could have done?” Abderholden said.

and if SHE is the executive director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness Minnesota should`nt SHE be the one to have done more?

good for those Officers.

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I believe that the left should have a pool of psychiatrists on immediate stand by, and available to be called to determine if the person causing the problem is mentally ill and needs counseling before calling the police.

The "First Psychiatrist Responders" can then call the police if the person is violent but of sound mind.  In this way everyone will be judged by a competent medical professional prior to the involvement of officers of the law.  Besides, what harm could be caused by the medical professionals being called in first.  If they are in peril, they can call the police just as is the procedure now.

This way the problem will be addressed by non-violent means first!  Everyone will be happy to find that the aggrieved person is being handled kindly and humanely, thereby solving all of society's problems. This pool of mental health professionals could be represented by qualified professionals from all races, so each judgement could be made by a member of the same race and without prejudice.

The core mental professional first responder, should be comprised of those leading professionals that are referenced in the media as being imminently qualified   to tell others how to do their duty, to the public.  In this way everyone will be satisfied that each and every criminal act is being handled by those who are the best qualified to address the obvious social and personal experiences that cause the problem in the first place.

I am proposing that the most critical of the manner in which violent incidents are presently being handled, stand up and bare their chests to the problem to demonstrate the proper care and handling of our difficult segment of our society. We could call it Brains before Brawn.  I'm sure since the criticism of present procedure and methods are based entirely on the concern for the well being of each and every member of society, that all qualified professionals will be motivated to answer the public's call for care and welfare, before charging and incarceration.

Come on you mental giants, you pillars of society, show us your mettle.  Take up your pike to stand between the socially violent and those incapable of understanding how to make good citizens of them on a moments notice. 

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