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Samsung Galaxy Watch review (TBO)


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First, if you are tied to iPhone stop reading now. If you are an iPhone user and want a full featured smart watch, get an Apple Watch, period.


Second, this is not a post telling you what to get/not get, just the obsevation of a gent with tech interest, zero fanboy allegiance, and practicality over shiny stuff.


I've observed the fitness band and smart watch trend/developments with interest, but no desire, until now.


For me, those things didn't offer any real world advantages over what my smart phone did for me, at least not for the $$$.


I recently began looking for a replacement for my beloved Gshock, for the purpose of being able to read the face w/o cheaters (yes, I'm getting older).


I considered a traditional watch with a large digital display first, but decided to look at all options before deciding.


Since I'm currently an Android user I included all fitness trackers and smartphones.


I decided that for me, the first concern was readable display. The larger version of the Samsung Galaxy Watch lends itself well to reading time/date/etc, depending on which downloadable face you use.


Next I didn't want another device I had to charge once a day, or more. The larger Galaxy watch boasted a 4 day run time. Review after review confirmed a long run time.


Third, it had to be rugged to a degree I felt comfortable with. The Galaxy watch is fully waterproof (to a depth) and has a metal body with the latest Gorilla Glass.


The final requirement was features that went beyond my smartphone in helpfulness.


What drew me were:


-read notifications on my wrist w/o having to pull out my phone (even though I knew some of those might be a bit of struggle w/o cheaters)

------micro control of above notifications, SGW (Samsung Galaxy Watch) allows for this

-read, quick respond to txt messages/email

-Interface, here is where the SGW shines. The rotating bezel and touch display are slick.




The SGW runs Tizen as an OS, which limits it to what Samsung provides.


For me, the biggest issue with that is no Google Assistant, which wipes the floor with Samsung's Bixby.


MY OPINION - if not in any hurry (and an Android user) wait a bit to see if Google will release their rumored Smart Watch (possibly called Pixel Watch) which should offer what the SGW offers, PLUS the Google Assistant.


If you are looking for an Android Smart Watch NOW, check out the SGW.


I suggest besides price, buy from a place what has the longest return period so you can truly test drive it.


I'm honestly surprised I have a smart watch now, only a year ago I figured at the rate of advance I could be 3-5 yrs before they'd have something to make me jump.


I use the health/workout/sleep app daily and have been happy with them.



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