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Happy 2019!!

Al Czervik

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Cheers to all, and a healthy happy new year!

Resolutions and goals are made, with little wins and losses every day. If ya fall, get back up, dust off, carry on. 

Set your goals, and do something every day to attain them. So far, that formula seems to be working for me. Shoulda started earlier, is all.

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7 minutes ago, tadbart said:

Ugh. the fireworks were ridiculous last night. I live near a hood park, and there was a good amount of gunfire mixed in.

A theory- the more white trash in the area, the more freelance fireworks use.

I heard some as well. Makes me wonder if they use hearing protection - which would kinda defeat the purpose - or if they enjoy going to bed with ringing ears.

And in 15 years they'll show up at the doctor office, complaining about tinnitus.

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10 hours ago, Al Czervik said:

To Eric, and the 2,218 of you folks that pop in here, I wish you all a prosperous and happy 2019!!




.....and maybe a ?.

Wow.  I had no idea the site had grown so much.

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3 hours ago, pipedreams said:

Morning All.........Happy New Year


LOL.  I feel that way today, and I don't even drink.  I watched the latest Orville, the Euro weirdness of Crossing Lines, and tried to sleep through all the fireworks, gun fire, and loud family bored games.  Still didn't get to sleep until after 2400.

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