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Al Czervik

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Yeah, I didn't know what it was either.  But, I got one for Christmas.  

I am an outdoor wood-fire cooking geek to the max.  The Kanka is an anywhere outdoor rotisserie.  I have  what I call my primitive cooking area, the center of which is a low 8' fire pit.  Tonight, I put 4 chickens on the Kanka and cooked them over some pecan.  They were awesome.  

It is simple and well thought out.  I give it two thumbs up.

Anyone have any other cool outdoor cooking gear to share?

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7 minutes ago, Huaco Kid said:


I think they make a balm for that.

"Lips that touch penises, shall never touch mine."

Good luck with that.

That's different......a chancre.  

Your quote is confusing, as lips may be construed in a couple of different ways.  And, "yours"....are they lips or penises?

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42 minutes ago, Al Czervik said:

I have no balms nor salves, as I have no need for them.  The closest thing may be green chrome oxide compound.  I'm not sure it has a medicinal use.

Cr2O3 has one medicinal benefit.

It will kill you slowly.

Other than that, it's green.



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