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The University of Missouri assistant vice chancellor said in a recent legal deposition that the mere physical size of a man could constitute a Title IX violation.


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Dum, Dum, Dumb

"Andy Hayes, the current assistant vice chancellor of civil rights and Title IX at the University of Missouri, agreed with her predecessor's statement in a Dec. 24 deposition involving a male student who asked a female student out on a date in 2016. The deposition comes as the Trump administration considers changes to Title IX, which it says would strengthen due process rights for students accused of sexual misconduct. "


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So, if a small, let's say a 90 lb. female professor or college administrator, tells a male of 6'+ and 200 lbs.+, to do something that is unrelated to her administrative duties, because they disagree with him on something, that puts them in a position of authority over him.  

She is now in a position of authority and forcing herself (or her opinion) on another person.   Sexual misconduct may be assumed when ever the differences under question involve both sexes according to the school administration.

When you redefine something to finer and finer distinctions, you wind up getting yourself caught up in your own web.

Life is a crap shoot.  Crap happens.  Adults are considered mature when they can see how to solve a problem by themselves without the law, or someone in authority hovering over them as protection all the time.

Grow up and learn to deal with the world yourself.  You won't always have someone to fight your battles for you.  

After a parent teachers conference one time, I had a visit from the Principle to let me know that a teacher complained that I was ,"intimidating" to her.  It seems that I looked her straight in the eyes while I was talking with her about my child.  She thought that this was aggressive.

I explained to the Principle that I have a hearing problem and when I'm talking with another person, I focus on their face and partially lip read to understand them.  Some people seem to have no ability to talk face to face without being offended.  In a corporate meeting, I was the first one in the conference room and took a seat in the middle of the front row.  The corporate CEO asked if I was that interested in the subject.  I said "no, but I am interested in making sure you don't pull anything on us".  He laughed and shook my hand.  Then I explained my hearing problem.

Adults should be able to see things as they really are.  It's not always about you!

School staff are the most insecure people I have ever met!

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So now they have to suspend the whole football team, the basketball team, at least half the baseball team, and all the fat chicks who intimidate normal size guys.  

Oh, and all the really good looking chicks who are so good looking that guys are intimidated into not asking them out.  

And don’t forget all the professors who intimidate students of the opposite sex with grades and tests.  

Isn’t all this just wonderful for human interaction when they get not hired in the real world?  


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So by this very same reasoning, because a male, by their gender, is commonly physically larger than a female, the female now has power over him in the fact that he is automatically guilty of an accusation just because he is bigger than she is.  Therefore the females are now all in violation of title IX due to the fact that they are female and anyone they don't like is automatically in violation of title IX if they decide to accuse them of anything.


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