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Los Angeles sheriff says he will remove ICE agents


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He was recently elected or reelected, this was one of his major campaign promises.

This is what the CA mindset has become and what they want.

I say, let them have at it and have the criminal aliens free to be criminals.

Move the Border Patrol off the CA Mexican border and place them along the East coast of CA

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1 hour ago, tadbart said:

The ONLY thing I need from California is the National Parks. Besides those, F the lot of those idiots. The whole place is full of mental illness.

Actually, a lot of CA is conservative, just overwhelmed by the liberal big cities, as are Washington and Oregon.  I’d give the cities back to Mexico, but Mexico doesn’t want them.  Maybe we should offer them to Putin?  


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I get where you're coming from. I see it happening in Florida, too. Myjammy and Orlando, and their metro areas, are as blue as Memphis these days.

Get rural, it's a totally different demographic.


Perhaps that fat Nork nuking a few metropolises (metropoli?) isn't such a bad idea after all...

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