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Christmas with family, or strangers?


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Who are you spending Christmas with?

Both sets of parents now winter in Arizona.  My daughter is in Japan.  My son is in Seattle and prefers the company of his girlfriend's rich liberal family to me, my sister is 450 miles away in Southern Idaho and fully vested in her husband's family, so that left just me and my brother.  Then he met someone and got married this summer, so it's Christmas eve with her family and he invited me over for dinner at his house on Christmas Day.

Then I got a text from a woman at work who wanted to make sure I wasn't alone on Christmas so she invited me to her family Christmas on Christmas Day.  Now I'm going to hang out with her and her family for a couple of hours, then go to my brother's place for dinner.  So both for me.

I know a lot of older folks end up all alone on Christmas, and that seems wrong.  

Just seeing if everyone here has someone to spend Christmas with; be it family, friends, or strangers.


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I'll be spending it with work family. Been at the same job for almost 8 years, so I know these folks pretty well. Wifey is off, will hang with her parents and siblings. My parents are up in TN, and have never been much for the holidays, so no big deal there. I'll be sure to wake up early before my shift and call them, though.


A happy, healthy, joyful holiday to you all.


Also, during this time of year, depression and loneliness can take their toll. If any of y'all get to feeling not right in the soul, I'll be up all night at work anyhow. You got a friend.

Shoot me a message here or at 352-250-0045. Nobody fights alone.

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Ha! I'll be alone by choice. It took me a couple years to let everyone know that I prefer being by myself. I did the big family squabbling get-togethers for over 20 years in different long-term relationships and one marriage. I had enough squabbling and jacka-di-jack for the rest of my life.

Man do I love the quietness and being able to do what ever and when ever the hell I want.

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Family and invited a couple people whom I know to join in since they are on their one, we will see... always too much food and extra chairs so in my family more at the table is better. Wife’s side on XMas eve way more people , alll cool. Our kids are now high school plus. We used to have a rental Santa party at my house for family and friends, fun! Maybe time to have a rental grinch!


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Had a two-day full extended family shindig.

Tonight is a different place for a full extended family shindig.

I did it once.  I've had enough.

Solo tonight.  I don't even want to be around strangers, which will leave me alone.

I don't do big loud crowds well.  It sucks the life out of me.

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