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pets for christmas


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my family works with a few no kill shelters,  not many people know pit bulls and chihuahuas are 1 and 2  for euthanzied dogs  in america. there are  literally   unlimited pets for adoptions   and please do not make rash choices  and do not give in to pressure of kids or grand kids to get a pet if can not afford to take care of pets .  always realize  most live over 10 years  .

i have personally showed up at some of our shelters  to open in mornings  to find dogs tied to the doors .  it is truly heartbreaking  to see it and go thru it ,  some have notes  saying  our dog has large vet bill we cant pay for  etc  ,  so please   ADOPT DONT SHOP.   and in a nutshell  please  run thru everything  that can happen  in a pets life  as bills are percentages  on par par if not higher then some humans ,    and if you cant adopt  please think about atleast fostering  if possible.

i have seen how alot of humans treat animals  ,  and thats why we have more  faith in animals then alot of humans ,  so  if looking for any pet  please adopt .  i know alot want to get pure  breed and thats ok  but please also support shelter pets . they turn out to be the most appreciated of all.  


thanks for listening.   and if do not want to to adopt  a pet please donate toys ,food , money   we like the kind that folds  but we also  wont turn down money that jingles .   

and if you live close Rain will drive to visit and thank you ,   she is our latest  hua  and was found cowering in median on 4 lane highway .  she was a mess .  




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We adopted Casper. He's 11 years old so they were having a hard time finding him a home. We also adopted the lab in my profile picture (Chase). He was an older dog when we got him. He was a great dog. 


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We tend to adopt older dogs. Yes, vet fees, medication, dietary needs etc. are higher but we're blessed to be able to afford it. Old dogs won't chew up your boots.

Here's a picture of our passed dogs. (I hope I get an urn as nice as those)

As the original post said..."adopt, don't shop". If you can afford to take care of an older dog, go for it. They're worth it.

And don't forget about the cats and other creatures. 

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I really wish people would not give animals as gifts to children.  Ever.  An animal that is a pet should be well-researched and  discussed with all family members... a mutual decision, whose care EVERYONE contributes to.  Too many animals are given as gifts to children who take care of it for a week or a month, and then aren't interested anymore, and the animal ends up dead or dumped.  It's a rotten thing to teach your kids, that they can just get rid of whatever responsibility they have found inconvenient, by dumping it on someone else, at a shelter, or at the base of my driveway out here in the country.  

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We just got a new muppy.

My wife tried very hard to get one from a shelter,  but they all demanded that she sign a statement saying they, and the police,  could come on our property and into our house, unannounced,  whenever they wanted.   "To check on it's welfare".

She refused.

She found a family, several hills over,  with a litter of fuzzy mutts.  Free.  She looks likes Orphan Annie's Sandy.


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