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Ocassio-Cortez Said Something I Agree With


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When the Congress and the President shut down the Government, and still collect a paycheck while screwing the little guy, they should have their pay furloughed too,  until the issue is resolved.  I suspect there would be less shtudowns.

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On 12/24/2018 at 5:48 PM, windowasher said:

Trump doesn't get a paycheck, he gives it to charity

..and the so called "little guy" will get payed whether he/she works or not.

This CNN type mentality that government workers are getting screwed is comical at best.

If they get furloughed and have to stay home with their families during the Christmas season, they will get payed backpay after the shutdown ends, even if they didn't show up for work.  They have the Greatest Christmas Gift congress could give them, paid time off to spend with their families and not have to dip into their Vacation time.

So far Nobody has suffered.  All government employees have been payed up through 12/28.  Their next payday will be 12/28-1/3.  So all this BS that these poor souls being forced to spend Christmas without a paycheck is total BS.  

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Anyone who needs or wants the services of someone who is at home is getting screwed. They're paying for service they can't get.

No one rich enough to get elected to congress would care if their paycheck got cut off, too, they just wouldn't show up and there wouldn't be any way to end the shutdown.

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