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Feds spend more in food stamps in ONE month than POTUS wants for entire YEAR of wall funding


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It’s time to put some things in perspective.

"The federal government spends more on the food stamp program in a single month than the president’s entire FY ’19 border wall budget request, CNS News‘ Craig Bannister noted on Friday.

“In October, according to the Monthly Treasury Statement, the federal government spent $5,892,000,000 on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which is also known as the food stamp program,” Bannister writes.


“In November, according to the statement for that month, the federal government spent another $5,428,000,000 on the food stamp program, bringing the total so far for fiscal 2019 (after only two months) to $11,320,000,000—or an average of $5,660,000,000 per month,” he added."


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Not about the money for the left wingers, they can't lose their voters.

The system can't work when you let the weak steer the boat. Eventually we will collide, only then we will get a fresh start, to be repeated yet again. History repeats...

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In my opinion for the welfare system to work, it should provide good food to people who actually need it. I mean like bags of potatoes, rice, beans, fruits, etc and let them cook that. It pisses me off to see these fools at the grocery with a cart full of instafix garbage for their fat kids and then pay with the welfare card. If you do not like the food provided, get a job and buy what you want, pretty basic concept.

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