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This won't end well...


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We have the police scanner on at work 24/7 and last night/this morning at about 0430, there was a call about suspicious behavior.

Apparently, a young woman was walking to her job at Taco Bell when she approached the local mosque.  She reported that 3-4 young men got out of a white car that was in the parking lot and started following her and circling her speaking in a foreign language.  She ran off and called the police.  Police responded and couldn't find anyone.  Call was closed out.

Must be some new poor refugees that the local libs like to import to make themselves feel superior.  Also sounds like typical Islamic world predatory behavior.  The poor girl was probably called racist by her friends when she told them how scared she was.




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1 minute ago, janice6 said:

 I hope more is found out about this event before it turns into something more sinister.

Just Muslims being Muslims...

Having two major universities within 8 miles of each other, we have a very diverse population with all of the negatives that come with it.

My company has a large convention center that we rent out to groups.  The university used to rent it for "Africa Night" years ago but I was told the amount of damage and violence towards our staff was too much.  They declined to rent it out for a couple of years and the university was forced to clean up their act.

I was here for it this year, and they kept it civil and seemed to not allow any males under 30.  Lot's of Al Sharpton and Madea types in attendance.  It was very peaceful.

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