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Dang suicidal deer...


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One good thing about Florida deer being so small, they don't cause as much damage as your giant western deer. Glad you missed that one. Hopefully it learned a valuable lesson.


Got a friend who hit an elk in the San Luis Valley in Colorado. Totaled her van. She was so pissed, she got out and kicked the carcass. :anim_rofl2:

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3 hours ago, Walt Longmire said:

Moose are almost black and weigh 2000 pounds. I have had some extremely close calls with them. 

I damn near hit one on a motorcycle in the late '70s in northern MN.  That would have been uglier than the deer I hit on a bike in 1983.

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Almost sounded like ya made contact! Glad your alright! I was nearly killed in a deer accident a couple of years ago! I was ironically leaving hunting camp when an oncoming car hit a deer tossing it in my path! It destroyed the tranny cooler in my truck and flued was spraying everywhere! The young lady turned around and pulled up behind me, I put the four ways on and walked back to make sure she was alright. 

After making sure she was alright I noticed the deer was laying in the middle of the oncoming traffic lane. I told the young lady I better drag the carcass out of the road before it caused another accident! 

I turned to walk back to her car a heard a thunderous crash and saw her rear bumper go flying by my head! The next thing I knew a small SUV won’t flying by my head also! I watched it barrel roll 4 or 5 times and come to a rest upside down in a ditch! 

I looked for her car only to realize that it was next to my truck in the ditch also! I ran over to check on the young lady who was quite dazed and bloodied up! She was confused but appeared to have just minor injuries! I the rant to the SUV upside down in the ditch and ripped the door open on the truck and fortunately both occupants were unharmed! 

The kid driving the SUV never saw us stopped and rear ended her car at about 60mph slamming it into my truck and into the ditch! If I hadn’t decided to drag that deer out of the road when I did I am confident I would have perished on that night!!! 

Sorry for the thread hijak!


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