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Florida jewelry store owner shoots teenage thief in the head


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Owner my have some legal problems, but glad to see he took care of the trash.

"ST. LUCIE COUNTY, Fla. - Police said a 17-year-old in Florida was shot in the head by a jewelry store owner as he tried to escape with stolen items.

Newly released surveillance video shows the moments the teen escaped while the owner follows with his gun drawn."


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The 16-year-old driver got out and took off. Nice. Your shitty buddy just got shot in the head and you run. What a little POS. One of the teens was also involved in a jewelry store theft earlier that morning. Useless scum all around, ****'em both. One threatened to kill an employee? I'm sure the store owner saw something that looked like a gun pointed at him when they jumped into the car and consequently feared for his life. Good shot in my book.

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Just now, Glocks4Freedom said:

Sucks to make it to teenage years only to become a bullseye.


Choices.   I know a young man who is about to become a priest.  I think he'll make a difference in the world.

Everyone has free will.  It's what he choose to do with it that matters.

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