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As I predicted: Government Shutdowns After House Loss


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For those of you who are gun carriers and protect the Government, I have been there.  And I will let you know it isn't fair and it sucks.  You get to do all the clerk work, and the Law Enforcement Work, and defending the nation against terrorism, while the Clerks get a free vacation.  They love it.  The Government has been sued over and over about this, and it will inevitably be sued again.  It lost a class action by not granting overtime and gifting clerks a free paid vacation.  But, like all Government losses, they keep appealing, even when they are wrong.  Like Holder and Obama's Fast and Furious that killed two Border Patrol Agents.  One in the spotlight and one on the down low.  All in the name of arming Hezbolah and deconstructing the Second Amendment.

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