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Dumb firearms owner on YouTube...


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Was searching YouTube for a solution to the trigger catching issue on my Taurus G2c when I came across this video: 

If you watch the first 30 seconds, you will notice the brilliant young man handling his Taurus G2c and continually sweep his own hand with it. 

Then, he points out that it has a round in the chamber, clicks the safety off, and again points it at his hand while making a comment about "Gun Nazis". Apparently he has been chastised before.

Even with such obvious errors in gun handling being pointed out, he refuses to acknowledge that his actions are wrong and dangerous.

People as dumb as him challenge my faith in the 2nd amendment. This guy obviously is too stupid to own a gun. He is going to injure or kill himself or someone else, eventually.

As the country devolves into a nation of people bereft of common sense and critical thinking skills, I wonder if restrictions on firearm ownership based on intelligence tests may be forthcoming...
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I totally forgot I had actually posted a YouTube video.  

And I did not go searching this moron's other videos, nor did I even finish watching the one I posted.  I saw enough in the first 30 seconds to confirm I was dealing with someone "touched" as they say in the South.

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