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Some companies worth boycotting


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A bunch of spineless companies have pulled advertising from Tucker Carlson's show on Fox News.  If they are going to bow to Fascist pressure, I suggest we boycott them.  Why patronize companies that take their cue from Fascists and National Socialists?  Here is a list from The Wrap:


As of Tuesday morning, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, TD Ameritrade, Just For Men, United Explorer credit card, ScotteVest, Voya Financial, Zenni Optical, Pacific Life, Indeed, Bowflex, SmileDirectClub, NerdWallet, Minted, Ancestry.com, and IHOP Jaguar had all told TheWrap they plan to suspend advertising on the program.


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Crocket, you could call/email them and tell them that you watch the show and that you are  disgusted by their actions. It is something at least. It is the bread and butter of your coin minting so it is hard to push too hard when you need the resource!

For me I don't use any of the products that the listed companies sell so it is hard for me to piss a fit.


I did notice that the purge of conservative thought from Patreon has caused enough backlash that Sam Harris is leaving the platform and that Peterson and Rubin are in talks to create an alternate to Patreon that won't be a SJW manifestation. I heard rumors that the site would use block chain and some form of digital coin. Interesting times.

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Well, of course it's hard to boycott good companies that make worthwhile products.  It's hard to avoid Google and patronize DuckDuckGo, but I am making that sacrifice.  Fascists are very good at sticking together to force action.  When matters come before the Supreme Court, every leftist is a slam dunk sure thing vote.  In Congress, leftists can stick together at close to 100%, while Republicans bicker and fight and cave.  When Jeff Flake and Chris Coons get together and compromise on something, which way does the compromise bend?  Every time.  One voice doesn't matter.  Fascists never sound off alone, they travel in packs and howl in unison.

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