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First part of the driveway's in


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54 minutes ago, tous said:

Just don't park on it.

Then, it's a parkway and you'll have to put in a median and left-turn lanes.

Yes, that would be serious.

42 minutes ago, willie-pete said:


Downhill?; looks pretty flat from here.



It's all about perspective.


You know something I've learned? Government at all levels gets a piece of you when you build a house. It's a great business to be in. :)

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Nice!  I was looking at buying property in Idaho and ten acres goes for about $100k with no power, well, or drive.  By the time I got the land ready to build on, my budget would be used up.  Being single and only making around $50k, I can't afford much house around here.

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2 hours ago, gwalchmai said:

We're building a new house in NW GA.

BTW, the county's letting me keep the orange paint lines "for free".

Have you seen the new tax bill for the property those orange paint lines are on?  ?. When you do, let us know if that paint was free.  ?? 


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