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Non-leftist show on Netflix? Get Shorty.


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I was trying to think of a show on Netflix that wasn't overtly political and leftist that they've aired lately.

The Ranch is conservative, kind of...  They say conservative things, but the writers have turned it into a collection of cliche's and making conservative views appear ignorant and hateful.  The more "liberal" Sam Elliot's character becomes, the nicer and wiser he is portrayed.  The show is nearly unwatchable now that they have fired Danny Masterson and focused on Dax Sheppard's character's PTSD and the new baby struggles and pending divorce of the newlyweds.  It used to be a funny show about working a ranch; now it's a soap opera.

But while on vacation last week, I stumbled across a show on Netflix called, "Get Shorty".  Nothing to do with the 90's movie.

It's about an Irish guy who does dirty work for a small-time Mexican Cartel member in Pahrump, Nevada.  He loves movies, but only the classics, and gets the chance to delve into the world of Hollywood when his criminal duties cause his path to cross with an aspiring script writer.

Just an excellent cast and very well written and acted.  I couldn't stop watching the first season and can't wait until the second season comes out; if I can still stomach Netflix for that much longer...

I realized that while the show was all about the Hollywood scene and the movie-making process, there were no leftist ideals shoved in my face.  Conservatives were not mocked or parodied, and actually the liberal shallowness and idiocy of Hollywood was exposed and mocked.  It was refreshing.

Not for kids, obviously, as there is plenty of cussing and some nudity.  Pretty much every adult female character in the show shows the goods, LOL.

So, it is definitely a show worth checking out; if you still can stomach Netflix.


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On a slightly related note, while searching for info on The Ranch, I discovered that the two main characters, Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson are big into Scientology.

In fact, Danny Masterson's character was killed off when several women came forward accusing him of sexual assault.  Those women were members of the scientology cult and pressured by the Scientologists to not report the crimes.

The big Leah Remini scientology scandal was involved.  Apparently she convinced the victims to come forward.


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