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Democrats react to Federal judge's ruling


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I see quite a distinction between how Democrats and their media lapdogs reacted to a Federal judge's ruling against Donald Trump and his travel ban, and how they are reacting now to a Federal judge overturning Obamacare.  Democrats said we all must stop and accept the judge's ruling in the first case.  In the second, Democrats went straight out and attacked the ruling.  But the media do not call them out.  Nope.  "It's an awful, awful ruling.  And we're going to fight this tooth and nail," said Chuck Schumer.  Is that respect for the Judicial Branch?  Is that showing the proper deference to our Federal judiciary?  Are the media going to point this out?  Maybe after reading this, Fox News will point this out.

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The Fascists are squealing about how this ruling will eliminate coverage for preexisting conditions, and all sorts of other dire consequences.  That's not for the judge to decide or even think about.  Is it Constitutional or not?  That's the only consideration.  Not whether healthcare becomes more expensive, or more limited or anything else.  Constitutional:  Yes  No.  It's a binary choice.  But the Fascists are not arguing the Constitutionality, just the dire consequences of the ruling.

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3 hours ago, steve4102 said:

Were is Justice Roberts?

Shouldn't he be front and center chastising Schumer and others for daring to question a Federal Judges ruling?

Oh wait, never mind, Schumer is a Democrat, my mistake.

Good point.  It's only acceptable to scold President Trump.

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