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Did Tarantino have a gun?


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I just saw a story about how famed movie director Quentin Tarantino confronted two burglars in his home.  The story doesn't mention whether or not Tarantino had a gun.  I suspect he did, which would be ironic since Tarantino is a noted anti-gun zealot.  Except in his uberviolent movies.  There, guns are everywhere.  But for those of us not on the silver screen, no guns allowed.  Or maybe just for famous directors and actors.  We'll see if the press presses him on this, and exposes any hypocrisy.

Quentin Tarantino confronts burglars inside his home

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7 hours ago, Silentpoet said:

He had a gun in his hand but not a weapon.

Yes, platoon sergeant!

This is my rifle!  

This is my gun!  

This is for shooting!  

This is for fun!

Repeat as necessary while running around the drill field until told to sling the rifle on your back and do fifty!  


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