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Holy ****


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"well, I was looking for a job when I found this one..."


That bottom pic hurts my soul, and my liver. I certainly hope that many, if not most, of those barrels could be salvaged. The rickhouse is obviously a total loss.

Over the years, I've tinkered with the idea of distilling. Never got around to doing it, though. However, there's something pretty cool about taking a bottle of Ol Smoky or other white lightning and fast aging it with charred oak and maybe a drop of vanilla extract.

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Umm.. once in my yute,  a place I worked had to work a Sunday...  No forklift operators around. We needed the big 4x4 steel platforms to stack parts on.  I (I mean a friend) found a forklift never having driven one before and traveled outside where they were stacked about 30 ft. high. 

I mean having grown up driving farm tractors how hard could this be?  I got to watch the whole stack fall over and cover everything into the lot.  I did have ( I mean my friend) had pucker factor 10.8.....  Parked the forklift he did and said holy crap, that was kinda cool, hope nobody saw.  Strong wind that day must have done that carnage.. Yea, he got away with it.


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Yes, the next morning there was a swarm of upper management laying the blame for the cleanup and trying to find the culprit...  As for me (my coworker I mean)  had hands in pockets smiling, yepppp... what a mess some idiot caused.  Ahh.... yes when I was young


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sideways fork lift interesting  . someone is gonna getting fired .  that and those are some of the weakest shelves ive even seen.


worst ive done was back when you walk in store and rent dvd movies for 3 days for like 8 bucks.  me and friend got to pushing and i got pushed into shelve  and fell over it , and it went down , the other   3 ,4,5,6,7,8.9  but we helped the girl working there pick  em up . 

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