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Yippeee...the final red eye to NYC for the Holiday Season


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Third trip in 2 weeks to NYC as a red eye (back to back overnight trips, in and out) Hopefully this one will go smooth as the previous 2 with a fat tip attached. Hotel I have is a little sketchy for parking, but has a Red Robin attached for dinner. 

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Okay, trip complete, mission accomplished.

The low lights; I failed to get good sleep Saturday afternoon and the trip home was painful. Had to do 2, 5hr energy poisons. Heading out of the pickup at Bryant Park I turned and headed down 39th street. Caught a red light at 8th Ave, looked to my left and there was a van beginning to pull away from the curb and he stopped too. I see the passenger window go down and I see a head, and then a stream of puke running down the door and onto the street. It was leaking into that gap between the window and the door, that van will stink for life! Uber? Welcome to NYC. Got out of Dodge unscathed and made my way over to PA where it promptly began raining, for the rest of the trip and 36*F. Just a painful trip. Got home and my furnace failed, got my repair guy over and no rhymm or reason why, but he did a basic cleanup and confirmed all was working correctly...$50. (He is my cousins son, I got the family discount. He said $30, I handed him $50 and told him to keep the change.)

edit: woke up this morning and the house was 62*f. Furnace still broke. He came back this afternoon and replaced the ignitor that fell apart when he pulled it to inspect. Charged for part only.

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1 hour ago, Huaco Kid said:

I'm traveling all this week (TX ain't too bad),  getting home late Saturday.

Then they have me heading out early on the 26th (Detroit kinda blows).

Then heading out somewhere on the 2nd.  (I'm being punished by our newer management. For being an *******.)

Everybody is an ******* by some definition.  Some just get cut out of the herd and admonished for no good reason.

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