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Let's get drunk at the airport!!

Huaco Kid

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5 hours ago, Huaco Kid said:

I've been hammered at airports before.  But I'm naturally quiet and mellow.

I've been with friends, and seen others, that get loud and belligerent.  That'll get you bounced in a NY second.

I never drink while on the plane.

If you have air miles booze can be free... can’t beat free.... 

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31 minutes ago, KWalrad said:

They ALL land. It's just a matter of degrees... Intact? How many pieces? In flames?


What goes up, must come down.

When you are waiting for them to land, it’s more like going to a swim meet.  It doesn’t last for years, it just seems like it.  


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5 minutes ago, Huski92 said:

Bloody Mary’s are a tradition with my wife before we fly. No matter what the time.

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When I was traveling for business I often had the wife join me for the trip.  If I let her drink in the airport before the flight, she might not have the hand and arm strength to grip the arm rests sufficiently to pull the plane into the air on takeoff!

I mentioned this to her once, and told her that the pilot is up front.  In the event of a problem he probably has less desire than the passengers, to mitigate the initial impact for those behind him/her. 

I don't think I helped the problem.  Anyway, she hasn't lost a plane she has ridden in so maybe she is a help after all.

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