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A little late here, but my two cents:

Offering VPN service is absolutely something that costs money to do.  If it's free, there's a reason:  Either they're trying to upsell you, or you're the product.  And when it comes to VPN service, you definitely don't want to be the product.

Tunnelbear is under $5 a month.  Private Internet Access and NordVPN are even less.  If you have a reason to use a VPN and you're using it enough to hit the cap on the free service, you are surely getting that much money's worth. 

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Using Private Internet Access in order to use my own mailing server as well as ports (blocked by my ISP). No problem with mails, but if I turn it on for other protocols (rarely), it is kinda sluggish at times. $39.95 per year is basically nothing.

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Here are some VPN provides to look at.


While they may advertise how many servers they have in different countries that don't mean much if none of them are close to you.  The farther away they are the more delay you will have, close servers will give you 20-50ms while further away will give 100+ms.  That's one thing a person might want to consider before deciding, for example TunnelBear works ok but it only has a couple servers in the U.S.  I used it for a while and the closest server to me was Toronto which is quite some distance.  Just because some web site rates them high does not mean it will be the best for your needs.  That my amateur opinion so take it with a grain of salt.


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